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Your Guide: Yogi Aaron

Hi - I’m Yogi Aaron.

I spent years searching for answers to the existential questions that haunted every fibre of my being: “Why am I here?” “What am I supposed to do with my life?” “What is my calling?” It didn’t take me long to find my answers in Yoga. 

By embracing yogic practices and making them my own, I was able to find purpose and awaken an inner sense of self-discovery that enabled me to chart my own path.

For over 20 years, I’ve been the Co-Founder and Master Yoga Teacher at Blu Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa in Costa Rica. I lead students from around the world in hundreds of hours of transformational trainings each year. 

Now, you can join in my sacred space--absolutely free.

Learn more: YogiAaron.com

  • The Yogi Club by Yogi Aaron

    “I'm meditating every day, and now my husband is too! Thank you, Aaron. You're changing the world, and it needs you now. 😉😘”

    Blue Osa Student

  • The Yogi Club by Yogi Aaron

    “Aaron is the icing on the cake. His joyful demeanor can be seen throughout... and I am delighted to have studied under him.”

    Blue Osa Student

  • The Yogi Club by Yogi Aaron

    “Yogi Aaron... is an incredible host and teacher. He leads with love and makes all people feel welcome in his sacred home. He is insightful and well-prepared to deliver a truly life-changing experience.”

    Blue Osa Student