Ready to kick your knee pain to the curb?  

And start doing all of the things you LOVE again like hiking, biking, yoga, and more?

Welcome! I'm Yogi Aaron.   

In the past I struggled with chronic knee pain, just like you. My suffering led me on a unique healing journey where I discovered what truly causes pain and how to eliminate it! 

In this FREE webinar I'm going to share with you what I've learned and my #1 hack to get rid of knee pain for good!

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In this FREE Webinar You will:  

•Learn what causes pain in the first place

•Be introduced to Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscles Activation™ (AYAMA), my revolutionary methodology to practicing yoga that focuses on activating muscles rather than stretching them to eliminate pain in the body for good

•Understand the anatomy of your knees to deepen your body-mind connection and potential for healing

•Be guided through a powerful AYAMA practice that will strengthen and stabilize your knees as well as eliminate any pain

•Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about knee pain