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"The Yogi Club is my go-to online studio for yoga. I trust the practices and Yogi Aaron's knowledge about the body and how the muscles work. And I feel positive results after every single class. My body is stronger and healthier today than 10 years ago! Thanks Yogi Aaron!"
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We believe AYAMA™ (Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation) is more than a methodology; it’s a transformative toolkit that empowers individuals to live their best, pain-free lives and thereby inspires collective global change.

What would happen if more people worldwide could tap into their life’s purpose and experience deep-rooted joy?

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AYAMA™ Trainings

The AYAMA™ methodology provides powerful, science-backed practices to alleviate pain. Whether you are a student seeking relief for yourself or a professional wanting to learn how to help others find pain relief—we have a training for you! Begin our online program today from the convenience of your home!

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Hi, I’m Yogi Aaron.

I started The Yogi Club because I wanted to create an online, inclusive wellness space where I could help as many people as possible live a pain-free life and manifest their life purpose.

Whether you're a yoga beginner, a seasoned practitioner, or a yoga teacher — you are welcome here!

From Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA) yoga classes, workshops, courses, and teacher training programs to meditations and relaxation practices to inspirational virtual events — The Yogi Club is home to anyone desiring a deeper experience of yoga who is ready to be spiritually awakened. Become a member now!

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Yogi Aaron
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“Every beginner and seasoned yogi alike could benefit from Yogi Aaron's knowledge of Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™. As a larger guy, I am always mindful of those teachers who teach yoga with support and safety as a primary focus and those who do not. By learning Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™, and deliberately incorporating these techniques into a class, you not only strengthen muscles, but you teach them to function correctly, efficiently, and effectively. This leads to increased stability and range of motion in the movements. With a focus of function over form, not only will you have a strong foundation...you'll be a strong foundation."

Dr. Steve Graef, PhD
Owner Mindurance, LLC Licensed Counseling and Sport Psychologist


“After long periods with chronic pain, trying different treatments, and doing a lot of stretching, I signed up for the 200 YTT at BlueOsa and did the Free 15-day challenge in advance. I am amazed and so grateful for how quickly the muscle activation and relaxation techniques stopped my pain and tension. Now I use the online library almost every day to get deeper into the knowledge and to stay pain-free.”

Charlotte Haughem
Student from Norway


“As a former Ashtanga practitioner, I had to unlearn a lot and relearn a new pain-free way of yoga during my teacher training with Aaron. The way he integrates his knowledge of Applied Yoga Anatomy and Muscle Activation™ is a mindful and safe way to practice yoga. In a short period of time, my shoulder pain got less and less and I felt more strength throughout my body. Now I look at some poses in yoga in a different light and have a much greater understanding of their impact on the body.”

Hendrike Dreier
Student from Germany


The Yogi Club Chakra Course is a great learning tool to dive deeper into learning about the chakras. What I love the most are the asana and sitting practices that Yogi Aaron teaches in relation to each chakra. There are video practices of poses, meditation and sitting techniques to help awaken each chakra. The course is designed to go at your own pace. Lots of knowledge to be gained in this course and I love Aaron’s passion on the subject of chakras!”

Summer DeBue
Student + Owner of In Tune Yoga

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“Yogi Aaron has been a mentor for more years than I would like to mention. He is my first "go to" when I have an issue I cannot work out.”

David Corder
Perfect Fit Wellness Center


“Yogi Aaron's pace, instruction, knowledge of the body, and his ability to weave it all together with a sense of humor really impresses me. His guidance has led me to experience new places in my body that I've been disconnected from for way too long. I love feeling the muscles being activated and long-held tension easily release as a result. I can honestly say I'm always pumped to practice with him and to keep learning his unique style of yoga. Thank you Yogi Aaron! ”


Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions after reviewing our FAQ, reach out! Email info@theyogi.club and we'll get right back to you!

What is The Yogi Club?

The Yogi Club is Yogi Aaron's online membership platform that includes an on-demand library of hundreds of hours of AYAMA™ classes, courses, workshops, and yoga teacher development curriculum. Interested yogis can sign up for monthly or yearly subscriptions to The Yogi Club to access this exclusive community and premium yoga content. The Yogi Club subscription is also included with the Online AYAMA™ Certification Program and the Online Yoga Teacher Training Program.

How quickly will I see results using the AYAMA™ method?

Most people feel a reduction in their pain immediately following their first AYAMA™ practice (in addition to feeling stronger, more stable, and an increased range of motion or sense of mobility). However, everyone's pain journey is unique, therefore results do vary. Some people may require consistent practice for several weeks before they begin to experience pain relief. 

What if I have injuries or limitations? Where should I start?

Most people who seek out AYAMA™ are in pain, have an injury, or some other kind of physical limitation that they are dealing with. Or, they work with people in pain and are looking for a new way to support their clients. Regardless of whether you are in pain or helping others in pain, AYAMA™ is designed to be the go-to solution for remedying pain at its root! The Yogi Club offers classes for beginners and advanced workshops for those with more experience. Health and wellness professionals wanting a deeper dive into the science behind healthy movement will appreciate the array of specialized webinars and yoga teacher development courses. If you're unsure, start with our 7-Day Pain-Free Series to get a taste of AYAMA™ (sign up form below) before joining us in The Yogi Club or for one of our Trainings.

How long do these pain-free effects last?

Life happens, therefore there is no way to guarantee once you experience relief from your pain that it will last forever. But, by making AYAMA™ a part of your daily health routine, you will increase your strength, stability, mobility, and freedom from pain. Overtime, these AYAMA practices will build a tolerance within your neuromuscular system to withstand stress, keeping your muscles and entire body more resilient. If you experience physical stress or an injury you'll find your recovery time is shorter and that you can bounce back more easily. We like to think of AYAMA™ as a key ingredient to a healthy pain-free life — not a quick-fix, one-and-done exercise.

Can I learn AYAMA™ for myself and then share it with others later?

YES! If you are in pain, we highly recommend focusing on your healing journey first. Once you experience the power of AYAMA™ and relief from your pain, we know you will want to share it with others. There are lots of ways to do this, and we'll guide you every step of the way. Our AYAMA™ Trainings are a wonderful place to begin diving deeper into this method.

Do I need to be a yoga teacher to share AYAMA™ with others?

If you find AYAMA™ useful in eliminating your pain, we highly encourage you to share it with as many people as possible! However, to be certified to teach AYAMA™ to others, you must complete Levels 1-3 of our Online AYAMA™ Certification Training and already be a certified yoga teacher. For anyone who wants to teach AYAMA™ to others who are not already a certified yoga teacher, we offer a special package option that includes our Online AYAMA™ Certification Training (Levels 1-3) + our Online Yoga Teacher Training Program.


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